Sunday, November 17, 2013

Honey, Papa and the Smiths...

Last weekend, we wrapped up our football season with some special visitors. Honey and Papa made the trip to spend the weekend with us. 
  I sent this pic to H&P telling them to hurry up and get here. Boone was on their bed, which is an air mattress in the playroom. We have the best visitors that don't mind sleeping in the playroom.

 Friday, we went to eat lunch with Anna Lou. She was in heaven.
 It was chilly, but B doesn't care what the temp is. He would prefer to be outside all day every day. My sweet friend Julie gave him this jacket when he was born and now he can wear it!

Friday night at the game, we FROZE!! And...we had more visitors in town... The Smiths! Ashley came to the game with us, while Landon kept their too sweet twins at home. Landon was in town for work and we so excited Ashley and the twins tagged along!! 
 Frozen fingers played Angry Birds all night.
 We all sat so close to keep warm and I looked over during the game to find Anna Lou fast asleep. It was only halftime.

We had an amazing come back win to finish our season!! To make the playoffs,  we needed to win our game and and we needed another team to loose their game. Well...they didn't loose, so we didn't make the playoffs. It's always disappointing to not go to the playoffs, but it was great to finish the way we did. 

Saturday morning, Ashley, Landon, Harper and Landry came over. This one couldn't wait to get her hands on them.
 This is what Boone thought about me holding the babies. haha! I think it would be a great time to have another baby. ;)

Two little angels that we have prayed long and hard for.  Ashley is the most wonderful mama and these two miracles are so blessed to have her. Landon is a keeper, too. :) 

Boone loves his Papa.

Honey made homemade applesauce that was delish!
Sunday, we went to church and then got H&P back on the road. So thankful they came to spend and few days with us! And so thankful just another week till we see them again!!

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