Tuesday, November 5, 2013

my people...

My best friends from college came all the way to west Texas to hang out for a weekend. I have looked forward to this for so long. These girls and I go way back, like WAY BACK! We were 18 when we met and now we are well...not 18. We are spread across the state now, and I was beyond blessed that they would make such an effort to come see us. They left husbands, jobs, kids and busy lives to be here!

Jayme and Amanda R. flew in  Friday around noon, so we were just waiting on our fourth, Amanda B.

 Amanda B drove in from Austin right before we left for the game. We hit one of our hot spots out here, Taco Villa for dinner. They were so helpful and sweet with my kids. Boone stayed with a sitter and the rest of us were off to cheer on the Panthers.

Saturday, we sat around in our pj's, drank coffee, played with the kids and then headed out on the town as soon as Dave got done working. Amanda B insisted we see George W's childhood home.

We got a mani and hit a few cute shops.
 Dave gave me a hotel stay with the girls for my birthday so we checked into our hotel and once again, sat around and talked. We finally got dressed and headed out for dinner. We sat at dinner for two and half hours and continued chatting, because that is what we do.
 Sunday morning, we took Amanda R and Jayme to the airport and then Amanda B hit the road.

I am beyond blessed to call these three friends. They impacted my life so long ago and continue to so much years later. They know me so well. They are my people. We can be totally real with each other and their is an unconditional love between us.  We laughed, we cried, we didn't sleep much, we told old stories, we caught up and we simply enjoyed one another. Friends like this don't come around very often and I am so glad to call them mine.

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