Wednesday, November 20, 2013


We finished up our last Monday of ASK (After School Kids) Bible study for the semester. The kindergarten girls had a party at Chuck E. Cheese so I got a little night out with my lady.

nice form.
Her sweet teachers made this placemat with all of the memory verses on the back from the semester.
Terri and I took our 3rd grade girls to get yogurt one night. They are the sweetest and have taught me a lot the past few months.
My little Indian boy when I picked him up from preschool.
Last Friday night was our first Friday since mid-August to not have a football game to go to. Daddy brought home a new fire pit and we enjoyed the evening outside.

This dude had strep this week so enjoyed a few popsicles.
Daddy is home earlier in the evenings and it's been abnormally warm for the season, so we have been outside a lot.

B and I were cheering for the very serious soccer game going on.

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