Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meeting Santa...

Meeting Santa this year was perfect! We went on a Wednesday night to the mall and their was no line and surprisingly no tears. Anna Lou had plenty of questions like "do you think he knows what a rainbow loom is?" and "should i have brought a list?" (lovely). Graham was cool as a cucumber but not too bummed it all lasted only 5 minutes.  Somehow Boone was pretty easy going. I was so sure Boone would not be a fan. I think it helped there was no line to build the anticipation. Since there wasn't a line the kids had a chance to chat and Santa was super sweet.  They also let me use my own camera.

 When we were walking up, I asked if Anna Lou or Graham wanted to sit on Santa's lap with Boone and Graham quickly answered "Anna." I showed this pic to my friend Brooke, and she told Graham at church today that she saw a cute pic of him sitting on Santa's lap. He came up to her later and said, "I actually wasn't sitting on Santa's lap, I was sitting next to him." Just to be clear. 

We love our Midland Santa!

We celebrated our success with Chick Fil-A ice cream.

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