Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend in Ruidoso...

We had a free weekend and decided to go to my Uncle and Aunt's house in Ruidoso, NM.  It is awesome living 4 hours away from the mountains. With December always so busy, it worked out great to get away, slow down and hang out with my favorites. 
 We drove up to Ski Apache to show the kids the slopes. Last time we came, it was summer and was not covered in snow. I think we are a few years off from the kids skiing. Anna Lou may be ready soon, but not the rest of them. 

We don't really have snow gear, so we layered up and everyone seemed to stay warm.
 We had some really great gloves for Boone to wear;).
 We took a ride on the Gondola to the very top. 

 The kids loved the snow and did a little ballin'.

While Boone (and I) napped, Daddy took these two tube sledding. We saw this awesome place on our way home from Ski Apache and the kid couldn't wait! 
 They had a blast! 

Not surprised that AL loved it, but was so glad G gave it whirl too. 

Saturday night we went out to dinner on the Main St. 

Watching them throw the pizza's in the air.

 Everyone ate a lot and slept great that night! 
 Something special about the cabin is that there isn't cable. But there is a tv with a dvd player and the kids watched a movie on Sunday. The littlest one has yet to sit still for more than one minute of tv, but he continues to pester the others while they try.

 And just like that, it was time to head back to Texas. Such a great weekend and we can't wait to go back soon!

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