Saturday, December 7, 2013

Trip home...

We packed up and headed east to see our Dallas family for Thanksgiving. The troops did good on the road, but we were ready to get there!

 Saturday morning, Honey took Anna Lou and me to get our nails done. This was Anna Lou first trip to the real deal and she loved it!
 What could be better than a DP and a flower painted on your thumbs. 

We had the chance to get together with a few friends while we were in town. 
 Miss Ashley and Heather so much!
 Love these families.
 We also got to see the Shermans and Hamiltons.
 Baby Walker isn't such a tiny baby anymore. I think he might catch Boone!
 9 crazy kids.

 3 sweet friends.
 Mom and I took a little morning trip out to Bridgeport to see Ashley and her twins, Landry and Harper. We got to see them a few weeks ago in Midland, but loved getting to hold those sweet things and see their cute nursery.

Love this lady!

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Ashley said...

So thankful we could see y'all!! Miss you tons!