Friday, October 19, 2012

A Big Win and Friday Fun Day...

 This week was Lion Homecoming and huge game against Plano East, my alma mater. The game was actually Thursday night.  Now last week we had played Dave's alma mater, Plano. It's a little strange being on the other side against these teams, but my heart is ALWAYS with our Lions!! Well...we won! It was awesome and the coaches and players were ecstatic!! 

Anna Lou had on her mum that we have recycled now for the 3rd year in a row! 

This boy really watches the game! He plays with toys a lot, but will stop and watch for a few minutes at  a time. Although he is not a fan of the noise volume of the games! I screamed so loud and jumped up when we had a huge interception, I scared the poor boy to tears! 

Us with our very tired kiddos in front of the scoreboard which read 24-12! Thankful Papa was there to help hold tired kids and Honey kept Boone at home!

 The day after games is tough. Daddy had school today since we played on Thursday night, but even with Friday games he works all day Saturday. I'm glad we don't have school or any regular activities to get out the door to. We still try to stay a little bit busy to distract from our weariness.  When do kids start really sleeping in??! They tend to sleep about an hour later than normal but when do the 10am wake ups start happening? ha! Today we stayed in our pjs all the way through afternoon naps. Here are some iPhone pics from our day. We decorated some pumpkins with stickers for our porch . Silly G!

My parents were at the State Fair and sent me this pic. How sad! Farewell Big Tex!

My sister-in-law Mary sent us this awesome door hanger made of burlap!

I came out from putting Boone down for a nap and Anna had this set up. A little nail station with polish, make-up and a fan! She painted my toes and I painted hers. Mine look awesome:).

Why is coffee so much better on a cool morning?

We made some banana bread with mushy bananas.

Late this afternoon, after very long naps, we picked up some Sonic and went to the park. 

My buddy is more cuddly these days which is awesome. 

We finished our day with several rides down this bumpy slide which provided lots of giggles.

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Trina said...

I LOVE it! We had similar days today! Including a later start and a visit to the park! Brian said he saw you last night.:) So fun to play each other.