Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Graham Turns 3!

Sunday, October 14th, our Graham Haggard officially turned three! When he woke up we had a few goodies waiting for him.  This sweet boy was a little shell shocked with the chaos we created. He isn't one for loud, craziness and chaos. He was so hesitant at first to go see his presents. With Daddy and of course sister's help, he finally got into it.

He loves his new strider bike!

The batman bat cave from the Junods was a BIG hit!!
Sprinkle donuts of course for birthday breakfast on the "You are Special Today" plate. 
MIMI came to church with us, and then we were home for a quick lunch and naps. We needed to rest up for the festivities.

Honey and Papa graciously let us use their house for ANOTHER party! Graham LOVES all things Cars and all things Lightening McQueen! When I asked him a while back if he would like a Lightening McQueen party, he was fired up! We sent out an Evite, had a few close friends and family, ordered pizza and cake and were entertained by H&P's backyard. It was low key and perfect for our G!

These cookies were favors and amazingly done by Sweetface Cookies!

Stoplight Brownies.

Honey even found Cars kleenex:)

B came along too:)

The incredible cake from C Star Cakes! Lightening McQueen was even edible! He was a rice crispy treat!

Me and two awesome women who I LOVE!

Crazy Kiddie Tables!

Who taught this kid to eat pizza with ranch?
Heather and Janet with their two babies, just one not born yet. ha!

Can never have enough McQueens!

More cake pics!

You can tell our shy boy was a little overwhelmed with all of the attention!

Sooooo thankful for my Co-Host!!

Honey got these cool jack-o-lantern punch balls which were a hit! 

Til half of them popped! Oh well, the kids laughed when they popped. Better than tears!
Such special place in my heart for this boy!

MIMI was such a dear and took great care of little Boone ALL NIGHT! She always just steps in and helps wherever needed without even being asked! 

G got some awesome presents from sweet friends and family! Sister was there to help.

The Smiths hung around a little longer, which we were so happy about since we don't get to see them very often! Hilarious of G shooting Landon with his new gun! 
Ash and B.
Love, Love, Love this pic of my amazing parents and G! They worked their little tails off prepping and hosting this party! All because they love us!

As if he needed more, G had more presents from MIMI and PawPaw and the Hall cousins to open when we got back home.
I have to give it to big sis Anna Lou who was awesome all weekend! I know it's always hard for the siblings when EVERYTHING is about the other one. She got so excited FOR Graham with every present and with all of the party stuff. So thankful for her sweet self!

We all had the best weekend celebrating the big 3 year old!  So thankful for our friends and family loving on our Graham in a huge way!

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Katie and Justin Cox said...

Thank YOU for your sweet comment! I appreciate it more than you know! Your G is the sweetest little man and he reminds me so much of Caden... precious boy! Can't believe he is three! Great party as always mama!! You never miss a detail!