Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daddy is the big 3-3!

It's my main man's birthday today, October 16th! He is the big 3-3! Whoa!
33 Reasons I Love Him...

1. He wears boots.
2. He thinks I'm funny.
3. His car is always clean.
4. He does his own laundry, plus helps with everyone else's. 
5. He is not a picky eater.

6. He has rhythm and got moves if you are ever lucky enough to see them. :)
7. He is a consistent disciplinarian.
8. He drives a boat well.
9. He dresses classy and traditional.
10. He has a quiet time every day.
 11. He has a low maintenance hair style.
12. He does things 110%.
13. He is the best co-worker you could have.
14. He is respectful to elders.
15. He is warm and makes others feel welcome.

16. He instills manners in our kids.
17. He is a fisherman.
18. He is constantly striving to me more Christ-like.
19. He takes great care of his parents and treats them so well. So respectful!
20. He lives to make a difference in teenagers everyday.
 21. He is super athletic, a stud on any type of ball field.
22. He will always drive a truck.
23. He has such a special relationship with our daughter.
24. He is a dream come true for his in-laws.
25. He is a fireball on the field when coaching.
 26. He is an amazing example for our boys and will always expect so much out of them.
27. He's a looker, or what I like to say "Hottie with a body." :)
28. He is a super fun uncle and his nieces and nephews adore him.
29. He has the most contagious laugh.
30. He is well-respected among all coaches.
 31. He sings constantly.
32. He is great with little kids, even other people's kids.
33. He makes me feel like I hung the moon every single day.

Love this man so much! Happy Birthday, dear!

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Katie and Justin Cox said...

I wish I knew him... he sounds like one of the greatest guys around! :) Such a sweet post! Enjoy celebrating two of your boys this week!! PS: Graham looks TOO old! :)