Monday, October 29, 2012


Hard to believe our red-headed, blue-eyed, middle man is 3! Graham Haggard Hall brings so much joy to our family and don't know what we would do without him. Some things I want to remember about Graham at the age 3...

G loves boy toys like cars, trucks, trains, balls, super heroes and blocks!

But loves any type of ball the best! It if resembles a ball, it might get thrown or kicked. (not always a good thing.)

G has grown up so much this year! Becoming a big brother has boosted him into little boyhood. 

G's very best friend is Anna Lou! He adores her and they are best pals 90% of the time. :)

 G has become a lot more outgoing and a lot more chatty with everyone! 

G loves school and loves his two teachers. He loves counting to twenty and is learning his letters.

He is crazy about the letter "R". what? not sure about that one! He always wants me to write his name on his papers and then often tells me to draw an "R." 

This boy is a pretty good eater, but especially loves anything sweet!
He also loves his condiments and dipping!

This boy could watch tv all day if I let him. His favorites are Team Umizoomi, Super Why and Diego.

With his boost into boyhood, he has become braver with trying new things like the high stuff on playgrounds.

G is a good sleeper, sleeping about 11 ours at night and napping about 2 hours most days.

He says the word "kinda" a lot but sound more like "kina." "That car's kina like Papa's." "That horse kina looks like Pistol." "Boone's kina got hair like me."

 G is a big ol' boy! 75% in both height and weight and wears mostly 4T.

G had become quite the little character and gets us all chuckling.

He could take or leave his little brother. ha! He hardly notices him most days and out of the blue will go up to him and talk in a baby voice to him.

G's favorite songs to sing are "Take me out to the ballgame," "Twinkle," and "Zacchaeus."

Along with G's chatting come some funny things he says! He C's become T's and sometimes they become the "Ch" sound. 

"I love TARS", "TAN I have a TOOKIE!"
"Mommy! CHATCH!" (catch) I hear this one a lot!

We still have the occasional fit, but we are working on it and growing out of it, thank you Lord! (normally do to missing a nap)

This boy still loves his mama but Daddy is quite the hero in his eyes!

 Graham's teachers at school, church and bible study tell me he is an easy going child who follows directions and is always happy. 

Graham is really growing up too fast for us! He is such a sweetheart and loves occasionally to sit in my lap! I sure don't mind! One of my favorite things he says is when I am putting him to bed..."One more HUD and one more TISS."(hug and kiss:) G- I always have one more HUD and one more TISS for you! We all love this sweet boy and are so thankful for him! 

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