Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend in Houston...

Daddy came home Wednesday night, we closed on our old house on Thursday and drove to Houston on Friday for Easter weekend. Beware of 999 pictures of my kids.

Anna Lou loves all of MIMI's old dolls and doll clothes. MIMI and Aunt Joan played with all of these when they were little.

Saturday morning we met the Halls and the Reaves (Dave's cousins) at the park. 

MIMI prepared a fun picnic lunch and egg hunt.

Boone always has lots of helpers.

The only pic of I got of Uncle Mike and Aunt Kim's new, adorable puppy, Colby.

The little boys were hilarious Ohhing and Ahhing at the daddy's playing ball.

Saturday night we went to a fun, family friendly place for dinner.

The kids got to run and run and play all sorts of things while the adults visited on the deck and enjoyed some delish food!

We also celebrated this little one's birthday a little early with MIMI and PawPaw and the Halls.

B was acting so funny when we were singing Happy Birthday. Laying back, swinging his arms around and enjoying the attention, I guess. 
We were cracking up!

I look at cookie cake the same way, B!

So much love for the babe of the group!
G's favorite part of the place was the golfing!
Throwing rocks in the pond was awesome, too!

If you've got your rod and reel, you might catch one like these boys.

It's always time to work on our cartwheels.
And cheers.

Sunday morning we went to the early service with M&P and then came back home for a nap for B and to see what the Easter Bunny dropped off.

Poor kid's summer shoes all got packed and sent to storage. Oops mama!

We met M&P, the Halls and Chenoweths at the Club for lunch and lots of fun activities. 

Failed family pic :)
Hall cuzzies- Aubrey-7, Boone- 11 months, Emery-5 1/2, AL-5, Lily-5 1/2, G-3, Carter-4. 

I always love the balloon decorations.

Doing the cupcake walk.

Ready for the hunt.

Look what this one won for finding a golden egg! It's cute, but Oh Lordy! 

And Aubrey found the other golden egg. 
A chance to practice cartwheels in their sunday best.

Just what we need, more treats to take home. ;)

The fam.

One last train ride.

Using our easter basket goodies to attack mama with.
Such a busy, but fun weekend with our Houston family. Most importantly, thankful for our Risen Lord which is why we celebrate!!!

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