Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Giddy Up Anna Lou!

Parkway Hills put on the cutest "Little Britches of Texas Rodeo" you have ever seen!

Our little cowgirl dressed and ready!

 Here they come! So cute waving their flags so proudly.

 Lots of cute western races!

 Three little Baylor Bears and their teacher, Mrs. Alice Anne who is a Baylor Bear too!

 This is one of those moments where I am mad at my husband for currently not living in the same city and therefor was unable to come to the rodeo and participate in the parent race. Thank you ver much, dear. ;)

Then the kids gathered around the camp fire for some cute, cute songs about cowboys, rodeos, Texas, etc. 

 All with motions of course!

 Seriously one of the cutest things PWH does! I think I said "cute" a few times in this post because this was just absolutely CUTE! It was also so awesome hearing all that the kids had learned about Texas and the good ol' USA! They sang this cute (once again) song singing the Pledge of Allegiance and I almost got teary! Hope we can get some more wear out of that outfit in Odessa. Ha!

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