Sunday, April 28, 2013

They are HOME!!!

My sister, Wendi and her family have finally moved home to Texas!! They have been in Doha, Qatar for almost 5 years! We are beyond thrilled to have them back home! We all drove to Houston to greet them at airport with red, white and blue clothes, Texas flags, balloons and posters. Wendi got a lot more  pics, but I got a few.



They made it! Don't they all look great after a 17 hour flight!

Their two dogs made it too, on the 17 hour flight. The kids were quick to check on them.

The oldest cousin, Brooks, is crazy about the baby cousin, Boone. Such a sweetheart with him!!

These kids couldn't wait to be together again!

The next day we celebrated Georgia's 3rd birthday at Nick's mom's house. 

Georgia loves Minnie!

Hugs for Uncle Dave.

My blue boys.
The next day we went to one of our favorite Houston spots for an outdoor lunch.

We capped off the weekend with a cousin dog pile in the hotel, the Junods temporary living quarters. 

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