Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we went to see Mema and Papa. Mema loves babies, especially her own great grandchildren!

The kids opened a few gift from Mema. Barbies are always at the top of AL's list!
 Papa and B
 G and his walking robot.
 B watching the horses.
 We went outside for Papa's gift.
 They were pretty excited!!

 The farm was the perfect place to test out their new jeep.
 Driving by the back window to wave at Mema.
 Now, G got a turn. Look out!

 He loved to push the pedal, but took some time to get the steering part right. We may or may not have had some close encounters with a few trees.

Thankful for the gate or they may have ended up on the street.

circling the house
 We left Mema's house and went out to lunch with Papa. Then the five of us went to the early Christmas Eve service at out church.

At home, getting ready for Santa. 

Putting out the reindeer food.

Christmas morning is a little blurry to me as I was quite a bit under the weather. I did find a clinic open on Christmas Day and was able to see a doctor. It still was a wonderful morning watching the kids with their new gifts from Santa. 

G loves his new cape.
 AL put the Rapunzel dress on immediately!
The kids watched a Christmas parade, ate breakfast and played with their new toys. Daddy put on his Mr. Mom pants, took care of all three while I was gone for three hours at the doctor, and did everything else for the rest of Christmas Day.  We were planning to head to Honey and Papa's house for Christmas with them, but Honey is very, very sick, so that all is put on hold. We will celebrate more Christmas soon enough and stretching out the fun may even be better. Just as long as everyone is healthy again soon!! 

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