Friday, December 14, 2012

Meeting Santa...

We took the kids to meet Santa at the Village at Fairview. They have a great system that allows you to send a text to get your place in line. I was surprised that there really was an hour wait on a Wednesday afternoon. Glad we weren't standing in line for that hour. The only bummer is you can't take any pics with your own camera. Even if you buy a picture, there is a huge sign that says, No Personal Cameras. I would love to know of a Santa in the area that allows it! If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know! 

Anna Lou has always been a fan, but is always a little shy. Graham has cried his eyes out the past two years, and this was Boone's first encounter with the Big Guy. Everyone did great and there were no tears! The big kids even told him what they wanted, which were two items  that have never been mentioned before.  Santa has some work to do, great;)! Anyone know of a bow and arrow for a 3 year old?! I wanted to take my own pics because Boone was smiling, staring and grabbing his beard! Graham never smiled, but much better than the hysterical tears we have had in the past! This is an iPhone pic of the actual pic. 

Once again, G not into taking pics. 

But I'm thinking his sister doesn't mind.

We celebrated our Santa victory at Uncle Julio's. Finally a smile from G, oh lordy. :)
Last year we ate here after visiting the same Santa with all of the Junods. Just not the same without them!


S, J, B, & S said...

Galleria Santa is awesome and they have always allowed me to take my own pics!!! Your kids are SO adorable! I never read blogs anymore, but just happened to open my Google Reader and click on yours! :) Jealous you are still blogging ... I wish I had never quit!!

S, J, B, & S said...

ps. It's Summer :)