Sunday, December 2, 2012

Watkins Christmas...

We started December off with a bang and celebrated Watkins Christmas on December 1st. Such a bummer not having the Junods here this year!! We are so blessed to have lots of family close by in the DFW area.  This year is was at Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Margaret's house. 

The trains area always a hit.

Gathering up to pray before dinner.

kiddie table in the back yard.

Three of the four Watkins children and their spouses.

This boy went back to the trains all night.

Sweet baby Dottie woke up from her nap. They were in awe!

The whole group.

The only gifts we do is a book exchange with all of the little cousins.

Dave has on his TCU purple because we had just driven in from the game. He thought it was a good idea to share his key lime tartlet with the 7 month old.  The 7 month old concurred.

 Can you tell she was in heaven!

Abby and B! Matching hair!

Chafen and I are our youngest.

The VERY talented Eric entertaining us.  AL stood here for quite a while!

Such a blessing to be apart of this Watkins family! I am so thankful for the legacy my Dottie and Papa left for our strong, loving and faithful family. Love these folks!

I am also SO thankful for Honey and Papa keeping all 3 kids all day before the Christmas party so Dave and I could go to the TCU game!!!

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