Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas in Houston...

We spent the weekend in Houston celebrating Christmas with MIMI and PawPaw, the Halls and the Chenoweths. Such a great trip with lots of family fun! Saturday morning we went over to Uncle Mike and Aunt Kim's for breakfast and to exchange presents with the little cousins.

 Go Frogs!
 Carter- almost 4, Emery- 5 1/2, Anna Lou- almost 5, Lily- 5 1/2, Graham- 3, Aubrey- almost 7.
 Showing me his new "fast shoes" from MIMI. "Fast shoes" are a big deal in our house!

 Matching boots from MIMI for the girlies.

 Frog wear.
 B napped through most of the morning, but joined us later.
 Saturday night all of the Halls and Chenoweths gathered at MIMI and PawPaw's.
 Matchy Matchy Cuzzies

 smiliest baby ever made.
 The boys are always a fan of PawPaw's train.

 Lighting the advent candles and scripture reading.

I love that MIMI's dinner is served in the garage. (Similar to the look of my garage. ;)

 Little cousin table. 

Chocolate cake or key lime pie for dessert. Kids chose the cake!

Such sweet older cousins playing with the little ones.

Little elves started delivering the presents.

 Mary is quite the thoughtful gift giver! Hers are always a hit!
 Loving their new purses with lots of girly goodies inside!

Not very good pics on my part, but this is MIMI and PawPaw and their thirteen grandchildren. Minus Boone who was already in bed.

Oskie got to join in the party. This is a dog-loving crew!

Lots of bowling with the new bowl sets from Mary. The ball never did roll, just straight through the air to the pins. More like a fast-pitch softball. Thatta boy, G!
It was a quick, fast-paced weekend in Houston, but always worth the drive to be with our sweet Houston family.  MIMI and PawPaw always spoil us rotten, and always a blessing to be with everyone!

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