Sunday, December 16, 2012


We had a laid back Saturday at home. This morning I ran a few errands and the kids had fun with Daddy playing with the rocket launcher. 

 Tonight, Daddy was gone with my dad and his dad to watch a playoff game, so the kids and I picked up some chickalay (i think they will call it that forever) and decorated a gingerbread house that Daddy had picked up for us. 
 Ain't she purdy!! 

I didn't know gingerbread houses came with runts, sweet tarts and nerds! What happened to the m&m's and peppermints? AL & G loved and ate half of the decorations!

We had little trouble getting the walls and roof to stick and then Anna Lou suggested that we needed hot glue! Good idea! Looks great on our football field platter. ha!
Boone was here too, just hanging out, napping and eating mum-mums for the first time.

Great day!

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