Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas with Honey and Papa

We pushed through some not-so-fun sickies around here to have Christmas with Honey and Papa and Aunt Rosie. Some of us were looking a little ragamuffin-ish and not feeling up to par, but Honey had a beautiful lunch for us to enjoy.

Sweet little Boone was suffering from the flu that I must have spread to him. Anna Lou is always quick to bring him a toy to cheer him up. (ps- All five of us had our flu shot!)
Feeling rotten, but still smiling.

always such angels ;)

 Fun new game from H&P.  

We were delaying the present opening with a game of bingo while Boone and Daddy were at the doctor. Honey had skittles for the markers on the bingo cards. That worked out well for Graham. 

This is a Christmas for the books! Lots of sick folks, the kids looking a mess (i left their socks, pi's and some of their clothes in the dryer at home), rescheduled events, most of all MISSING THE JUNODS, but it's still Christmas and it's still special! We are blessed more than we deserve!

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