Sunday, October 27, 2013

Birthdays Keep on Keepin' On!

In October, the birthday just keep coming at our house. We have nephew Brooks on the 2nd, Graham on the 14th, Daddy on the 16th, Papa Mike on the 18th, Mommy on the 20th and Aunt Sissy on the 28th. We just party all month long!!

Sweet Aunt Mary sent these cute little bite size cupcakes from a bakery in NYC. They were shipped overnight in dry ice and were AMAZING! She always sends the best gifts! 

Daddy's special day included a few presents, homemade cards and peanut butter pie.

MIMI came in town to celebrate everyone and was a huge help with all of our activities! We had lunch with AL one day at school.

Friday night, we drove to San Angelo (2 hours away) to watch our Panthers. We were walking up to our seats when the announcer said everyone had to evacuate the stadium due to bad weather. We sat in the car for 2 hours watching the rail, lightening and hail. Finally, we kicked off at 9:30. We made it till almost half time at about 10:30 and then hit the road. Thank goodness MIMI and Mrs. Kathy were with me to keep these goobers entertained during the delay.
 The temp dropped 20 degrees after the storm. It was chilly!

We made it back home about 1:00am and Daddy made it back at 3:30am! Whew. The life of a coach. 

So thankful MIMI was here for a few days to love and serve us!!

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