Sunday, October 6, 2013

More MOJO football and the weekend...

Some of these pics are from a few weeks ago at the OHS vs Permian game. Big rivalry!

 Serious crowd!!

The don't let kindergarten parents come to lunch for the first 4 weeks of school, but now we can. Loved seeing our girl do her thing at school! Whew, I look tired. I am:).  
He might be one reason I am tired. We've never had a climbing/ risk taking baby. Now we do.
 It was Permian Homecoming this week and look who got a mum.

 Failed attempt at a group pic. I asked Graham if wanted a boy mum, a garter, and he quickly said "Uh, No!"
 We found Mrs. Gann, our kindergarten teacher! A celebrity!!

After sitting among the crowd and trying to keep my kids from kneeing the people in front of them and squirting juice boxes on them and dropping our barbies underneath their seat and squeezing by for a trip to the bathroom....we moved to the top corner of the stadium. The kids had a lot more room and it was a lot less stressful for mama.
 And more room for cheers!

 So interesting, but these are middle school kids with mums. What?! And they all are different colors. So the thing here is to make it black, white, silver and whatever color you want. They match their date and some kids start doing mums in 5th grade. Oh my!
 Waiting for Daddy after a big win!!!

 Sweet friends, the Kennedy's that have supported the Panthers a lot!!

We were up bright and early the next morning for soccer. It was 50 degrees and the winds were 30 miles an hour! Daddy got to come, since he doesn't have a game next Friday. He didn't have to work Saturday and Sunday!! Such a great weekend having him home!

Here come the Redhots after another win!

We watched a lot of great football this weekend, the BU game with the Kennedy's, church, housework and ended with hanging out with our friends, the Hardy's. Stephen and I grew up together and they just moved to Midland. The kids all had a blast together. They live in a normal neighborhood, but right down the street is a Peacock farm with donkeys, goats, geese, and lots of peacocks. 

Back to the grind tomorrow, but a great weekend with fun fall weather!

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