Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Cuzzy, Birthday, Football, Pumpkin Spectacular!

It has been 5 long years with the Junods living overseas and we are SO thankful they are back in the US to spend more than just Christmas and summer with us!! We were counting down the days till the Junods made the trek across Texas to come visit us!! They drove 8 hours to spend 3 awesome days with us!! Thursday night they arrived late and crashed right into bed. Friday morning, these 4 were up early to start the party.

Friday morning, we kept AL home from school so she could join us for the Permian Pep-Rally. We wanted to show them all we had to offer out here with some serious high school football!

Coach Hall and his crew.

Girls loving the Cheer-readers, as Georgia calls them.
group pic.
Baby Townley got lots of lovin'!
We dropped AL at school for a couple of hours. She was SO excited for "Fun Day" which was like a carnival, festival thing at school. Daddy got to go and spend some time with her. The theme was the 1980's which was difficult to explain to a kindergartener. She kept saying she wanted to dress as a gymnast so we went with that and called her Mary Lou Retton. 
I was over smiling trying to get a smile from Townley. I got one! She is such a doll baby! So sweet and so happy!! I haven't held her since the day she was born and could not wait to get my hands on her.
I don't have any more pics of the game Friday night, but it was a thriller. We won 54-53! It was crazy, but so much fun to come out on top!! Huge win for the Panthers over Abilene Cooper!

Saturday morning we headed out to the soccer fields for our final game of the season.
A little smile after she scored.

Uncled Nick promised her five dollars if she scored a goal. I think we lost 12-1, but she got her $5. :)

Cuzzies that are the same age, Graham just a few months older.

We stopped by a little pumpkin patch after soccer to attempt a pic of the 7 kids. ha! 7 kids!

Boone thought these little pumpkins were baseballs.

Townley and her cheeks!
These crack me up!
Way to go Junod kids, not so much Hall kids.

After the patch, everyone crashed for naps and Wen and I did a little shopping. The weather was perfect and we spent the rest of the afternoon outside. 

The birthday boys opened a few presents. (Wen and I bought each other the same shoes for our bdays. We saw them, liked them, called it done.)

The kids decorated little pumpkins with stickers Honey sent.

Carving pumpkins on the driveway.

October birthday babies.

Ice cream cake!

Uncle Nick is quite the pumpkin carver!!
Sunday morning, they came to church with us and agreed, we have an amazing place to worship. Then they hit the road back to Tomball. :( 

This was a perfect weekend! It is such a blessing to watch our kids play together and love each other!! Amazing that our husbands our great friends! Incredible to celebrate our birthdays together, which we haven't been able to do for 5 years! It meant the world that they would drive so far to come see our new little home out here! They got to see our world and were so encouraging about our new hometown and the adventure we are on.  Wendi reminded me about how much God has blessed us with the past 10 years with husbands, babies and so much more. And now we are simply thankful to be in the same state! Beyond thankful for a memorable 3 days and can't wait to do it again soon! Hurry up Thanksgiving!

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