Saturday, October 12, 2013

Graham's 4th Party...

It was time to celebrate our sweet middle child, Graham! Hard to believe our little man is 4! We chose Gatti's for the easy, outside-of-the-home, fun they offered! We had a small gathering of 5 sweet families and partied it up on Friday night. It was our bye week in football, so worked perfectly.  He told me a long time ago he wanted a Planes party so we stuck with that and found all we needed at the party store. 

We get to the party, and my camera goes kaput, so this is a combination of I-phone pics and two borrowed cameras. 

He chose vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing and sprinkles. 

 Besides the cupcakes, the only thing I made was these little push-pop airplanes.

 Sister is all about a good party! G continues to have a hard time looking at the camera. ha!
 This is blurry, but they brought the pizza in and all the kids grabbed and started eating and I looked over and G is whispering his prayer. Had to remember this. Sweet kid.
 party mamas

 Ready to play some games!! (We missed a few little siblings who were home with sitters.)

BuMpEr CaRs were a hit!
 She smiled so big, her cheeks had to hurt!
 Grant not loving the carousel. :)

 So blessed by these Midland ladies!! They grow 'em pretty out here. So thankful for them!

 Singing HaPpY bIrThDaY!

 Breaking my heart they are moving in a few weeks. :((((

 tickets galore
 Our family minus Boone. 
We thought it best that Boone stay with our babysitter. We missed him, but not the best place for an 18 month old.
 Hit the jackpot!
 Skeetball ALL NIGHT LONG!!
 G's feet couldn't reach the pedal so needed a little help.
 The amazing prizes we got to bring home;).
 The birthday kid that had a super fun night!!

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