Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Graham's Festivities...

After partying on Friday night with our friends, we continued partying all weekend. Saturday Graham opened presents from friends and family and he got some cool stuff!!

 Honey and Papa mailed some fun surprises!

 G's big present that this little one found in the garage.
 It was time to open a few presents from us and we did a little follow the ribbon around the house to find them.

 Present from Sis.
 The big present from us and the grandparents.

 He was a big fan.
 Cool older sis giving the babe a ride.

"whatcha lookin' at, mama?"
 Monday, was the actual big day so we continued celebrating. Anna Lou didn't have school so it was fun to have her home with us. We started with breakfast at cfa.

 They've been wanting to get some pumpkins, so we headed to HEB. I attempted a pic in our ragamuffin clothes and this is what I got.
 The poser, the no eye contact, and the crazy!
 The kids went to a meeting with me for Ask, and then we were back home for lunch and naps. We participate in Ask (After School Kids) Bible study on Mondays, which is a branch of Community Bible Study. The kids all go to their own classes and I help teach 3rd grade girls. The kids LOVE Ask and always wondering if it is Monday yet. Before Ask we ran by Graham Pharmacy for a special treat. He thought it was a pretty cool place.

 Huge milkshake split 3 ways.

For dinner, G chose cfa, again. 
 He got his cfa on the red plate.
 Honey and Papa on FaceTime and the rest of us singing "Happy Birthday."

 To finish up the celebration we had cupcakes with his sweet preschool class. G was specific that he wanted white cake, chocolate icing and no spinkles this time. 

 His sweet teachers!

 Back home after school, Graham told me he was trying to find something. Hope he found it.
 And that wrapped up the festivities!
We could not love this 4 year old more! He might turn out to be a preacher, teacher or singer. He loves anything with wheels, any type of ball and cartoons. He is sweet, smart and polite. His favorite song is Amazing Grace and requests it nightly.  He loves hugs and kisses and asks for "one more hug and 100 more kisses" at bedtime.  His precious heart is so big. Out of no where, he will say, "you're the best mommy." He gets along well with his sis and one day will have a buddy in his brother.  Such a special kid that holds my heart in his hand.

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